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Canada's youth housing Study: Share the future of Youth Housing now

5.5 million young Canadians are waiting to be heard

Affordable housing may be a hot topic, but when it comes to information on the housing situation for young people in Canada, we’re flying blind. Canada is facing a national housing crisis—both about the availability and affordability of homes. Cost, inventory, housing form, location; all sectors and factors in Canada’s housing calculus are being called

Trudeau said what to whom with how much?

This week: Highlights from last week’s federal budget that could be helpful to Toboggan Flats. The day before the budget dropped, the Prime Minister did something rare. There he was at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce talking about Gen Z. He was not talking to a youth congress—his go-to place when talking about plans and

Does The “Youth” Budget Make Room For Toboggan Flats?

Introducing: Toboggan Flats We’re better together. It’s no secret that Canada has a housing crisis–availability, affordability and location are challenges for nearly every Canadian demographic. But there’s only one group that’s been left out of the conversation: young adults. But maybe, just maybe, that’s about to change. Yesterday’s federal budget has been dubbed the “youth budget”